About Us

The company  "Desislava" was established in 1991. In the course of already 16 years it has realized its production in the Bulgarian market. The company’s activities are oriented to the area of apparel industry. For 10 years now the company’s priority has been the production of  ladies’ and men’s luxury under-wear.

Its owners, the spouses Ivan and Malinka Tsatsev remember  with tender emotion the beginning of 1991 when only several people were employed at the company, together with them. The times were difficult but optimism wasn’t wanting.

In 1996 the number of employees was substantially increased, a new modernizedproduction facility was put into operation. In 1998 the company started focusing on the production of  men’s and ladies’ luxury sleeping underwear, setting great store on high quality fabrics, with guaranteed quality of manufacturing. The  owners’ aspiration is to introduce innovative manufacturing technologies, to create new and diverse high quality products in a rich range of colours at accessible prices. As a result of many years of hard work the company  has  established  lasting relations with numerous merchants throughout the country. The interest for the fashionable and extremely comfortable articles under the trade mark of  “Desislava” oversteps the borders of Bulgaria. The company’s owners are resolved to defend  their customers’ interests.

The company "Desislava" is looking for new partners abroad.