Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective immediately for Users registered after that date and will be effective for existing Users on October 28, 2019.


"Desislava 1" Ltd. ("Desislava 1" Ltd, "we", "us"), BG 126731821v with registered office in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, 5 Volgogradska Str.,  respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This declaration describes:


• the types of information we collect when accessing and using our Website - and others online services (collectively referred to as the "Services"); and

• our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, preserving and disclosing this information.

This Statement applies only to the information we collect through our Services, as well as in e-mails sent through or in connection with our Services.


The definitions in this Privacy Policy are referenced in the General Terms and Conditions of the DESISLAVABG.COM Website.


DESISLAVABG.COM is classified as a controller of personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) №2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2017 ("General Regulation on Data Protection"). As such, we make every effort to comply with the obligations imposed on us by the General Data Protection Regulation.


DESISLAVABG.COM strives to offer its visitors and users the many advantages of Internet technologies and to provide an interactive and personalized experience. For these purposes, we at DESISLAVABG.COM may use personally identifiable information - such as your name, email, address, telephone number, etc., which are subject to this Privacy Policy. We, as you assume, do not tolerate spam. Therefore, we will never sell, exchange or rent your email addresses to unauthorized third parties.




DESISLAVABG.COM has the right to collect and use information from and about its Users. The information through which the person can be identified may include any information that the User voluntarily enters, uses or provides when using the Services on the Website or submits when creating a User Profile. DESISLAVABG.COM collects and uses the information for the purposes provided in the General Terms and Conditions, as well as for offering new services to the User and acquainting him with the new functionalities of the Website.


We collect two types of information from and about our Users, including information:

• through which you can be identified; and / or

• for your internet connection, the device you use to use the Services and the usage details (eg for your ISP).


The information we collect through our Services may include:


        (i)    Profile Information: Your full name, email address, address, zip code, and other information that you can provide in your account, such as gender, cell phone, and more.


We collect this information in order to fulfill the contract for the purchase and sale of products from the Website, as well as to verify the authenticity of your Account.


        (i)    Preferences: Your preferences and settings, such as time zone and language;


We collect this information to provide you with a better user experience.

      (ii) Your Content: The information you provide through our Services, including the publication of a review or evaluation of a product.


We collect this information to ensure that you comply with our Content Guidelines.

(iii) Searches and other activity: The search terms you used and the results you reached;


We collect this information to improve your user experience.

(iv) Browsing information: How long have you used the Services, what features have you used, etc .;


We collect this information to monitor the performance of our services.


(v) Messages: Between us and you, through the use of the Services;


We collect this information to improve our Services and to monitor the performance of our employees.

(vi) Publications: You may also provide information (likes, ratings, reviews, pictures, photos, messages, comments, etc.) to be published or displayed on publicly accessible parts of the Services or transmitted to other Users of the Services or third parties. countries;


We collect this information to moderate and monitor compliance with the goodwill and compliance with our Terms and Conditions when publishing such information.


(vii) Transaction Information: If you make transactions or purchases through the Services, we may collect and store information about you in order to process requests and automatically complete forms for subsequent transactions;


We collect this information to process your orders and fulfill our contractual relationship.


   (viii)    Third Party Information: We may collect, process and store your User ID associated with your accounts on various social networks (such as Facebook and Google Accounts), which you use to access the Services or to connect to the Services. When you log in to your User Account with information from your social network account, or otherwise link your social network account to the Services, you agree to collect, store and use, in accordance with this Privacy Policy, the information that is available. for us, through the interface of this social network. This may include, but is not limited to, information that you have made publicly available through your social network account.


We collect this information to provide you with easy and expedited access to our services. 



How we collect and store information depends on the pages you visit, the activities you choose to participate in, and the services you provide. For example, you may be asked to provide information when you register to access parts of the Website, create a User Profile, request access to certain features, such as email newsletters, or make a payment. Like most websites, DESISLAVABG.COM collects information automatically, as well as through the use of electronic tools that can be seen by our visitors and users. For example, we may record the name of your ISP or use cookies to recognize and store information about your visits (for more information, read our separate Cookie Policy [MYS1]). Among other things, cookies can store your username and password, saving you the need to enter this data each time you visit, or keep track of how many times you have seen a hotel, restaurant, website or other part of the Website during Your visits. Because we use other technologies, we may collect information in other ways. In some cases, you may choose not to provide us with such information if, for example, you set your browser to refuse to accept cookies. However, if you do so, some parts of the Website may be inaccessible or you may be asked to re-enter your Username and Password. In such a case, we will not be able to customize the functions of the Website according to your preferences.




Like other websites, we collect information to enhance your visits and provide you with personalized content. We respect your privacy and will not share your information with anyone unless necessary.


Aggregate information and information that you cannot identify can be used in many ways. For example, DESISLAVABG.COM may combine information about your habits when using the Website with similar information from other Users, in order to improve the quality of the Services (for example to find out which pages are visited most often or which features are the most attractive). . This information does not include personal information by which you can be identified and does not allow anyone to recognize you.


We may use personal, information collected from the Website through which you can be identified in order to communicate with you about your registration and personalization preferences; our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy; services and products offered by and through the Website; and in relation to other topics that we think you might be interested in. The personal information collected by DESISLAVABG.COM, through which you can be identified, may be used for other purposes, including, but not limited to: the administration of the Website, troubleshooting, processing of transactions concluded online and other links with you.


Some third parties that provide technical support for the operation of the Website - for example, our Web hosting provider - may have access to such information. We will use your information only as permitted by law. We may disclose your information in response to a court decision, in other cases where required by applicable law, in connection with the recovery of your claims against us and / or law enforcement authorities, as we deem appropriate or necessary. Please note that in such cases, we cannot provide you with notice prior to disclosure. 



DESISLAVABG.COM will not transfer information about you to third parties in order to provide or facilitate third party advertising to you. We will not sell information about you to third parties.


We may share your account information with third parties in certain circumstances, including: (1) with your consent; (2) to a service provider or partner that meets our data protection standards; (3) when we have a bona fide belief that this is required by law, for example in a subpoena or other trial; (4) when we have a good faith belief that this will help prevent immediate harm to someone.


If we want to share your information in response to legal action, we will notify you to challenge it (for example, by seeking court intervention), unless prohibited by law or we believe it may endanger other parties. We will oppose requests for information about users of our services that we believe are illegal.


Some third parties that provide technical support for the operation of our website - our web hosting service for example - may have access to this information. 




If you wish to view, change or delete personal data that we have collected from you or entered in connection with your Profile or wish to permanently delete your account, please visit your Profile settings or contact us.

For more information on terminating and deleting your User Account, please refer to Section 9: Termination of this Privacy Policy.




We take reasonable steps to accurately record the personal information you provide to us, as well as any subsequent updates.


We encourage you to review, update and correct the personal information we hold about you. You may request that we delete your personal data that is inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant for lawful purposes, or that is processed in a manner that violates applicable legal requirements.




Desislava 1 Ltd. is registered as a Personal Data Administrator in the Commission for Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Bulgaria. [ST2]


We have put in place appropriate measures in the form of various technical, physical and other means, including, but not limited to, means to protect our electronic systems and databases, locks, cabinets, safes, various devices and access control systems, fire alarms and fire extinguishing systems. These tools aim to improve the integrity and security of the personal information we collect and maintain.


However, please note that even the best security measures cannot guarantee the complete elimination of all risks. If we become aware of any breach, intrusion or danger to our security systems, we will notify you electronically so that timely precautions can be taken. In addition to email, you may be notified by a notice on the Website if a security breach occurs.




Other Users may identify you or link you to your account if you provide your personal data or information in the content you post or make publicly available. You may reduce the risk of being identified if you use the Services by nickname or nickname. In such a case, however, the credibility of your contribution to the Services may be reduced. Users can also find friends based on their names or email addresses. You can make your settings for this manually. 



As mentioned, you can view and change the personal information we maintain about you at any time by entering your Profile settings or contacting DESISLAVABG.COM. Upon request, we will deactivate or delete your User Profile, as well as contact information and personal data from our active databases.


This Privacy Statement is valid until terminated by either party. If you do not agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy, you must discontinue using the DESISLAVABG.COM Website. If you are dissatisfied with DESISLAVABG.COM, the content or any terms, declarations or policies, your only option is to stop using the Website.


DESISLAVABG.COM reserves the right to terminate or suspend your access to the Website, or parts thereof, without notice if, in our sole discretion, we believe that their use is in violation of any applicable law or detrimental to our interests, the interests of others. persons or organizations or if DESISLAVABG.COM believes that their use is in violation of this Privacy Statement or the General Terms. 



DESISLAVABG.COM does not knowingly collect the personal information of children under 13 years of age. If we learn that we have personal information about a child under the age of 13, we will delete that information from our servers. DESISLAVABG.COM encourages parents to go online with their children. 



DESISLAVABG.COM reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Use of the Services following such changes or amendments to the Privacy Policy should be deemed to be an express acceptance of the amended / amended Privacy Policy and agreement to be bound by this amended / amended Privacy Statement. The information collected before the change takes effect will be used in accordance with the rules and laws that were applicable at the time the information was collected. 



This Privacy Statement and the use of the Website are governed by Bulgarian law. If a dispute arises regarding this Privacy Policy, we agree to try to resolve it with the help of an agreed mediator in Sofia, Bulgaria. All costs and fees other than legal fees related to mediation should be borne equally between the parties. If reaching a mutually acceptable solution through mediation proves impossible, DESISLAVABG.COM agrees to refer the dispute to the HASKOVO District Court. 



The copyright for the Website is the property of Desislava 1 Ltd.

The texts, graphics, photos, animations, videos and videos visible on the Website are subject to copyright and part of the intellectual property of Desislava 1 Ltd. Some of the above on the pages of third parties may be the property of those third parties.


In no event may these be reproduced, used, presented or provided without the express written consent of Desislava 1 Ltd. or the third party. Any distribution of files acquired by Users in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of the Website, or parts of such files, is a violation of the relevant laws for the protection of intellectual property and is prosecuted by law.


Nothing contained on the website may be considered as granting a license or right of use as a trademark without the prior express written consent of Desislava 1 Ltd. 

14.  OTHER


Desislava 1 Ltd. is managed, controlled and administered entirely in Sofia, Bulgaria.


If you use the DESISLAVABG.COM Website outside of this jurisdiction, please note that you transfer your personal information to DESISLAVABG.COM in Bulgaria and, by using the Website, you consent to the transfer of data and comply with the applicable law regarding the use of Your website and your agreements with us.


This statement and the policies outlined in this Privacy Policy are not intended to create or create any contractual or other legal rights on behalf of either party.


DESISLAVABG.COM may provide a translation of the Bulgarian version of this Privacy Policy in other languages. You understand and agree that the translation of the Privacy Statement into other languages ​​would be for your convenience only and that the Bulgarian version should govern your rights and obligations. In case of discrepancies between the Bulgarian version of the Privacy Statement and any of the translations, the Bulgarian version should take precedence.




If you believe that DESISLAVABG.COM does not comply with this Privacy Policy, if you wish to ask a question, submit a complaint regarding the Website or Services of DESISLAVABG.COM or if you wish to receive more information about the Services, please contact DESISLAVABG.COM in one of the following ways:


Address: 6400  Dimitrovgrad , 5  Dimitrovgrad Str.,